Synthetics is an exhibition that explores histories of print technologies and their effects. It includes a page from one of the first publications to integrate illustrations and text, the Liber Chronicarum from 1493, as well as works by Rembrandt van Rijn and Hercules Segers, Dora Maar, Ben Laposky, Charlotte Johannesson, Karl Otto Götz, Jakob Jakobsen, Kasper Hesselbjerg, Lea Porsager, Masar Sohail, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Morten K. Jacobsen and Till Mycha.

The exhibition speculates on printed matter’s ability to shift the focus from origin to historical effect. Situated in the context of Aquaporin’s membrane coating technology – which immobilizes proteins onto a polymeric multilayer structure – Synthetics explores the interdependence of technology, semiotics and the human nervous system.

Dead Reckoning

In navigation, dead reckoning is the process of calculating one’s position by estimating the direction and distance travelled from one’s known starting point, without reference to external observations. The further you get from your point of departure the more uncertain the measurements become.

Dead Reckoning showcases new work developed for Primer by Fredrik Tydén. Magnus Thorø Clausen, art writer and curator, has written a text for the exhibition based on Tydéns practice. Additionally Primer have curated work by artist Kristine Kemp, artist Ib Braase, textile artist Berit Hjelholt, philosopher Reza Negarestani, digital media artist Karl Sims and select passages from the publication “A Report on the Art and Technology Program of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art 1967-1971”.

Self Passage