“Take for example cherries, when ripe and sweet, the skin will act like a membrane between the sugary water inside and the drops outside, from rain lets say. Osmosis will suck the water into the berry. Sometimes they explode.”

Ripe presents a new body of work by Nanna Abell. Sculptural images appearing as fountain, logo, smell, furniture and gifs populate the project. Material becomes sign and back again through vaporization, flow, and condensation. The work suggests a new liquid blueprint of the site.

In addition to the work of Abell, the project includes three collages by Franciska Clausen made in 1937 and recent work by artist Cecilie Skov. Cloud studies around mount Fuji by Japanese scientist Masanao Abe recorded between 1929 and 1938, is presented in a video by Helmut Völter. The Water Conflict Chronology compiled by The Pacific Institute, presents a overview of conflicts related to water throughout history. A text by philosopher Anne-Françoise Schmid concerning contemporary objects, completes the curatorial selection.