Trip Feed



An exhibition by Jenna Sutela in collaboration with Primer.

Water is strange. Only by force can it stand still. Life is water in motion.

Trip Feed explores water as a transport medium that lets nutrients and microorganisms, among other things, travel within and without us. We, along with other terrestrial mammals, are hosts to Hypersea, a sea on land (after Dianna and Mark McMenamin). The exhibition considers body fluids on a planetary scale, weaving together the lemniscate streams inside and outside the body, while zooming in on the psychobiotic properties of human milk.

In addition to works by Jenna Sutela, the exhibition presents drawings by Viktor Schauberger and a selection of artifacts from Virbela Ateljé in Ytterjärna, Sweden. Their design mimics and amplifies the supposedly inherent rhythmic flow patterns in water.

Trip Feed is one of several outcomes of a four year long collaboration between Jenna Sutela and Primer. Instead of a traditional commission, we have collectively researched, built relations, tested modes of production, and curated. This process has been joined by other artists, engineers, humanities researchers and scientists along the way.

This exhibition is the last planned project at Aquaporin, after which Primer will go into hiatus.

Thank you to:
Novo Nordisk Center for Basic Metabolism Research at Copenhagen University
Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy at Copenhagen University
Medical Museion
Aquaporin A/S
Nigel Wells
Curt Hallberg
Maria Zahle
Vanda Skácalová
Beth von Undall

Curatorial partner:
Mandus Ridefelt

With support from:
Finlands Kulturinstitut i Danmark
Nordisk Kulturfond
Beckett Fonden
Augustinus Fonden
Statens Kunstfond