Morten K. Jacobsen
Satan i gatan 02:52 (2015)
Inkjet prints on notice boards
120 x 160cm and 120 x 240 cm

On August 13th, 2012, the Danish police asked for help to identify the dead body of a middleaged man found at the verge of a freeway:

“At 02.52 AM the driver of a car on Vestmotorvejen, heading for København, observes a man lying in the emergency track of the eastbound roadway near Bjæverskov. A police patrol sent to the site confirms that a man is indeed lying on the freeway. According to the officer on duty, the man was alive when found by the police but he dies on the site shortly after the paramedics arrive. The officer reports that the man in question is approximately fifty years of age, wearing a green t-shirt, white underpants, and socks. On the t-shirt it says ‘Satan i gatan. Veronica Maggio’.”


Morten K. Jacobsen (born 1976) is an artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark.