DK 179913

From September 2019 to June 2020, artist Emil Rønn Andersen will take residence at Primer.

Since 2014 Emil has been developing a technical arrangement relating to the production of images. The technology can emulate traditional photographic light shaping tools and enable the automation of a series of photographic processes. Furthermore, the arrangement shows potential to produce complex atmospheric light and simulations of environments. On October 4th, 2019, he received the patent for the technology from the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

At Primer he will develop the next prototype of the technology. His work will consist of technical experimentation and upgrades, alongside artistic processes and outputs. Throughout the period he will have dialogues with Aquaporin scientists, IP consultants and engineers as well as Primers network of collaborators.

A feed of images produced during the period will be presented in the exhibition Mud Muses at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, as part of Primer’s contribution.