Antarctica from Space (Postponed)


Antarctica from Space by Emily Jones has been postponed to spring 2022.

This is due to government Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations in Denmark.

Antarctica from Space is a performance series and concert by artist Emily Jones, developed for and with Primer. It takes as its starting point a body of research into a branch of international law called the Common Heritage of Mankind. The areas protected by these laws - the deep sea bed, Antarctica, the moon and outer space - cannot be owned by any one nation but must rather be held in trust for future generations. The Common Heritage of Mankind is treated as a concept law because there is not an existing framework to actualize it 'on the ground'. To realise these laws would require a radical reimagining of who we are together and our responsibility to those who are not here yet.

The work approaches such a reimagining during three lunchtime performances in the main hall of the headquarter of Aquaporin. Actors Marika Hibo Farah, Maja Pedersen and Cecilie Reshide Møller will carry out readings and actions written and directed by Emily Jones in a scenographic set-design by Lucas Melkane that transforms between each performance. The series takes "the harvest" (in this case a large pile of linseeds) as a focal point and draws in language from homeopathic provings, trauma processing, legal texts and personal experience.

The evening concert will take place across several locations on Aquaporin’s premises. Imagined as a wordless picture book in 6 short acts and based on the Greek idea of the chorus, it works with the notion that language is never neutral and posits 'tell me you're crying without telling me you're crying'. The concert is developed by Union for Open Vocalism (Arthur Carlander, Ani Bigum Kampe, Francesca Burattelli, Clarissa Connelly, Henriette Motzfeldt, Jacob Kaarsberg, Helene Norup Due and Victor Emil Kassebeer) based on a score by Emily Jones and Mandus Ridefelt.

Thanks for generous support to this project from Bikuben Foundation, Det Obelske Familiefond, The Augustinus Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation and SVFK Danish Art Workshops. Thank you to Steen Forsmann from DTU - Technical University of Denmark, Matilde Böcher and Lotte Andersen.