Sotirios Levakos
A history of scenario planning (2019)


An interview by Bjarke Hvass Kure of Primer with Sotirios Levakos. It covers the history of scenario planning since its inception in the 50’s and the practices of Herman Kahn, Pierre Wack, Peter Schwartz and Adam Kahane.


Sotiris is a Doctoral Researcher at University of Cambridge. The focus of his PhD research is scenario planning. Sotiris has worked as a Financial Analyst in the Consumers Goods Industry (Procter & Gamble Co.) and as a R&D engineer in the Defense Electronics Industry (Intracom Defense Electronics S.A.). He is an Electrical and Computer Engineer, holding an MSc in Control Systems from Imperial College London and a MSc (Hons) in Applied Economics and Finance from Athens University of Economics and Business.