In the development of this project we have initiated a long-term research trajectory, taking place through reading and conversations with relevant practices. To guide and structure the work we have created a set of working tools. Below are a group of what we call “process documents” that function as aides in the investigation. Together they form a working image of how the future is produced. They are partial and incomplete, and subject to continual revision. They are far from authoritative or exhaustive, instead functioning as both map, inspiration and analysis. How the future is understood is always local and contextual, and the project deals in large part with a European and North American perspective and history. One of the strands of the work going forward, will be to create a deeper understanding of how the future is conceptualised and used in other parts of the world and by other actors.

Compiled research
Conceptions of temporality
Current dominant narratives
Timeline of the future (western)
Conceptual overview
Project dossier